Czech figure skating

The history of Czech figure skating is rich in achievements. The oldest ones date back to the period before the Second World War, thanks to the sports couple Eliška and Oskar Hoppe, who took third place at the World Championships in Vienna in 1927.

In the second half of the last century, Czech figure skating became one of the biggest figure skating powers.

In 1949 and 1950, Ája Vrzáňová became world champion, one of the most outstanding women in Czech and world figure skating. Among the men, Karol Divín, European champion in 1958 and 1959, who won silver at the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley in 1960 and finished second at the World Championships in Prague two years later, shined.

In sports pairs, the couple Věra Suchánková – Zdeněk Doležal achieved great success, European champions in 1957 and 1958 and silver medalists from the world championship in Bratislava in 1958. Siblings Eva and Pavel Roman made an unforgettable mark in history in the dance couple category. They became four-time European champions and three-time world champions between 1962 and 1965.

Hana Mašková became the European champion in 1968, who also won a bronze medal at the Olympics of the same year in Grenoble.

The most successful figure skater of the former Czechoslovakia was Slovak Ondrej Nepela, five-time European champion, three-time world champion (1969 – 1973) and Olympic champion from Sapporo in 1972. Nepela’s success was followed by his compatriot Jozef Sabovčík, who became European champion three times in 1985 – 1987.

In sports pairs, the duo Radka Kovaříková – René Novotný, world champions from Birmingham 1995, caught the eye.

Petr Barna, among others, the European champion from Lausanne in 1992 added more successes to the Czech colors. Tomáš Verner also stood on the highest European step, bringing gold from Zagreb 2008.

Ostrava is successful organizationally, and among competitors

Ostrava is not only known for hosting many figure skating events, Ostrava’s figure skaters are also very successful: in the past, the Šrámek siblings in sports pairs, Stanislav Drastich and Jan Barták in dance pairs, and the most famous René Novotný have reached top events from the Ostrava incubator world champion in sports pairs.

In the recent past, a number of other pupils achieved the titles of champions of the Czech Republic and secured participation in the ISU Junior World Championship, the ISU European Championship and the World Championship.

The names Lukáš Rakowski, Eva Chudá, Nella Simaová, Alexandra Herbríková-Lukáš Ovčáček (later Alexandra Herbríková-Rudy Halmaert), Petr Coufal are well known not only to the Ostrava public.



1972 Sapporo Ondrej Nepela
1960 Squaw Valley Karol Divín
 1968 Grenoble  Hana Mašková
 1984  Sarajevo  Jozef Sabovčík
 1992  Albertville  Peter Barna
1949 Paris Ája Vrzáňová
1950 London Ája Vrzáňová
1962 Prague Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1963 Cortina Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1964 Dortmund Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1965 Colorado Springs Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1971 Lyon Ondrej Nepela
1972 Calgary Ondrej Nepela
1973 Bratislava Ondrej Nepela
1995 Birmingham Radka Kovaříková, René Novotný (sports pair)
1958 Paris Věra Suchánková, Zdeněk Doležal (sports pair)
1962 Prague Karol Divín
1969 Colorado Springs Ondrej Nepela
1970 Ljubljana Ondrej Nepela
1992 Oakland Radka Kovaříková, René Novotný (sports pair)
1927 Vienna Eliška and Oskar Hoppe (sports couple)
1948 Davos Jiřina Nekolová
1964 Dortmund Karol Divín
1967 Vienna Hana Mašková
1968 Geneva Hana Mašková
1950 Oslo Ája Vrzáňová
1957 Vienna Věra Suchánková, Zdeněk Doležal (sports pair)
1958 Bratislava Karol Divín
1958 Bratislava Věra Suchánková, Zdeněk Doležal (sports pair)
1959 Davos Karol Divín
1964 Grenoble Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1965 Moscow Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1968 Västeras Hana Mašková
1969 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Ondrej Nepela
1970 Leningrad Ondrej Nepela
1971 Zurich Ondrej Nepela
1972 Gothenburg Ondrej Nepela
1973 Cologne Ondrej Nepela
1985 Gothenburg Jozef Sabovčík
1986 Copenhagen Jozef Sabovčík
1992 Lausanne Peter Barna
2008 Zagreb Tomas Verner
1930 Berlin Otto Gold
1947 Davos Vladislav Cáp
1948 Prague Blažena Knittlová, Karel Vosátka (sports pair)
1949 Milan Ája Vrzáňová
1955 Budapest Věra Suchánková, Zdeněk Doležal (sports pair)
1957 Vienna Karol Divín
1962 Geneva Karol Divín
1963 Budapest Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1967 Ljubljana Hana Mašková
1969 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hana Mašková
1983 Dortmund Jozef Sabovčík
1990 Leningrad Peter Barna
1991 Sofia Peter Barna
1992 Lausanne Radka Kovaříková, René Novotný (sports pair)
1995 Dortmund Radka Kovaříková, René Novotný (sports pair)
2007 Warsaw Tomas Verner
1948 Prague Ája Vrzáňová
1954 Bolzano Karol Divín
1954 Bolzano Soňa Balůnová, Miroslav Balůn (sports couple)
1955 Budapest Karol Divín
1956 Paris Karol Divín
1961 Berlin Jana Mrázková
1962 Geneva Eva and Pavel Romanov (dance couples)
1964 Grenoble Karol Divín
1966 Bratislava Ondrej Nepela
1966 Bratislava Jitka Babická, Jaromír Holan (dance couples)
1967 Ljubljana Ondrej Nepela
1968 Västeras Ondrej Nepela
1974 Zagreb Liana Drahová
1989 Birmingham Peter Barna
2011 Bern Tomas Verner
2013  Zagreb  Michal Březina

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